Why I Write




Every person has a story to tell. I am no exception.

The problem is, often times I am more interested in telling my own story than listening to the story that someone else wants to tell me.

People’s eyes start to glaze over when I wax poetic. So writing lets me express my thoughts on topics that interest me while at the same time sparing your eyes from glazing over. (Until you discover that it’s probably going to take you several hours to read through whatever it is I am on about, that is!)

Here are some of the reasons I write:

• I write to clarify my thoughts.

• I write to share thoughts and thtuff that I like. (No that’s not a typo. I simply needed another ‘th’ in that sentence.)

• I write to sort out issues, ideas and thoughts that flit in and out of my mouth, usually unbidden, when I am talking with others.

• I write to understand and to come to terms with the questions that special people in my life ask me; or who are dealing with similar issues to the ones that I am dealing with.

I’m not a theologian, nor do I have any special qualifications to write about the things I do. What I do have is an inquiring mind. If you have a question, then I have a question, as well. Like you, I am also looking for answers.

However, if the truth be known, I write mainly because no one ever listens to me.

I can’t say that I blame them.

However, I need to listen to myself sometimes.

Writing helps me do that.

When I see what I have written, I can evaluate the thoughts behind the words to see if they make sense, if they are true, or if they are merely wishful thinking or flights of fancy not grounded in anything other than my own not-so-humble opinions.

When I publish what I write, I expose my thoughts to you, hoping that you will confirm, challenge or correct me on the thoughts I am working through as I put them down on paper.

Do I expect you to read every word that I have written?

Of course I do, silly. Do you think I’m in here tippy-tapping away for the good of my health?

In a way, I am. Because writing helps me think, and typing my thoughts keeps my grabby little fingers out of the ‘Cheesies’ bowl. Fingers not grabbing things out of Cheesie bowls is definitely conducive to good health!

However, as I mentioned on the Welcome page of this site, if something I write helps you consider a different perspective, shed some light on a topic that concerns you, or simply gives you a chuckle, then that makes me happy.

And of course, I don’t expect you to read everything I write. I don’t read everything you write—just the stuff that interests me.

So if something I post on this site interests you, my hope and prayer is that the Lord will use what I have written to bless you!

Failing that, at least I can hope that I have challenged you, amused you or shed some insight onto the issues that are important to you in your life. If I succeed, then the Lord will bless both of us!