About Val

Welcome and Thanks for Visiting!

Welcome and Thanks for Visiting!

I’m Val, a retired senior now residing with my husband in a lovely Canadian Prairie city. This is my personal website where I share topics topics of interest, articles that tickle my fancy, or something I simply enjoy viewing or reading. I hope you find something to brighten your day that will give you a chuckle, give you something to ponder or simply touch your soul.

One of my special pleasures is sharing videos or writings by others that make me think, laugh or just plain enjoy the experience of watching or reading. I hope you will find enjoyment and inspiration from these special and very talented people, as well.

In the past, many of the topics I wrote about were responses to thoughts or questions discussed with friends. Others were stories that came to mind from days long gone. Writing helped me think through interesting or difficult topics or issues and what ever else took my fancy. I don’t write much anymore. However, I still enjoy sharing links to websites, videos and articles that inspire me or give me a good chuckle.

I hope you will take everything you find here in the spirit in which it is intended, which is a spirit of love and respect for God, his creation, and all mankind. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit!