About Me

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

You are cordially invited to bide a wee, pour yourself a cuppa and take your time poking around. May you find something of interest to brighten your day, give you a chuckle, or touch your soul.

This is my personal website where I write about topics I find interesting, challenging or amusing. I hope that some of these topics will be of interest to you, as well.

Many of my articles deal with the Christian faith.

Writing about my faith helps me organize and focus my thoughts, especially when I know others might be reading something I have written, and more-so when the topic is difficult or controversial. My writings are not scholastic presentations. Writing is simply a venue that enables me to put my thoughts into words.

I consider it a privilege to be challenged about my beliefs and opinions, so if something I write helps you consider a different perspective, shed some light on a topic that concerns you, or simply gives you a chuckle–that makes me glad.

One of my special pleasures is sharing videos or writings by others that make me think, laugh or just plain enjoy the experience of watching or reading. I hope you also will find enjoyment and inspiration from these special and very talented people, as well.

Many of the topics I write about are responses to thoughts or questions discussed with friends. Others are stories that come to mind from days long gone.

And be warned—most of the articles I write are long, defying the rule of web writing; that being, keep it short and simple. I’m not writing for the web, nor and I writing to short and simple readers. I write primarily for myself. Writing helps me think through interesting or difficult topics, issues and what ever takes my fancy. And it is good for my health.Typing is a good way to keep my grabby fingers out of bowls of cheesies and other delicious no-no’s!

I hope you will take everything you find here in the spirit in which it is intended—that being a spirit of love and respect for God, his creation, and all mankind.

Thanks for stopping by!