Years ago while still living at home, I came across a book on my father’s bookshelf. My dad was an avid reader, and so was I.

This book had been given to my Dad many years ago by his good friend, Stanley Barstead.

For some reason it caught my attention, so I took it down and read it from cover to cover. I was about fifteen years old at that time. The book was titled: The Chemistry of The The Blood. It was written by Dr. Martin Dehann.

I had no idea as to what the book was about, but upon re-reading it as an adult it did help me to understand the uniqueness of the story of Jesus’ conception, birth, death and resurrection—a story that is not easy to understand by any stretch of the imagination, and more so, if you have never considered this difficult New Testament claim.

Here is an excerpt from the book: ‘The Chemistry of the Blood’ by Martin R. DeHaan, M.D. (1891-1965).

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, BEFORE THEY CAME TOGETHER, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. Then Joseph, her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.

But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife; for that WHICH IS CONCEIVED IN HER IS OF THE HOLY GHOST.” (Matthew 1:18-20)

“Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (Matthew 11:22-23)


Is it not odd that with such a clear record anyone can deny that the bible teaches the virgin birth? We can understand how men can reject the Bible record, stating that the Bible does not teach the VIRGIN BIRTH is not true.

The Bible teaches plainly that Jesus was conceived in the womb of a virgin Jewish mother by a supernatural insemination of the Holy Ghost, wholly and apart from any generation by a human father. This the Bible teaches so plainly that to the believer there is no doubt. The record cannot be mistaken by the enlightened and honest student of the Word.


The Bible teaches in addition that Jesus was a SINLESS man. While all men from Adam to this day are born with Adam’s sinful nature, and, therefore, are subject to the curse and eternal death, the Man Jesus was without sin and, therefore, DEATHLESS until He took the sin of others upon Himself and died THEIR death. Now while Jesus was of Adam’s race according to the flesh, he did not inherit Adam’s nature.

This alone shows that sin is not transmitted through the flesh. It is transmitted through the blood and not the flesh, because ‘the life is in the blood!” and even though Jesus was of the “Seed of David according to the flesh” this could not make him a sinner.

God has made of ONE BLOOD ALL THE NATIONS of the earth. Sinful heredity is transmitted through the blood and not through the flesh. Even though Jesus, therefore, received His flesh, His body from a sinful race, He could still be sinless as long as not a drop of blood of this sinful race entered His veins. God provided a way whereby Jesus could be perfectly human according to the flesh and yet not have the blood of sinful humanity. That was the problem solved by the virgin birth.


It is now definitely known that the blood which flows in an unborn baby’s arteries and veins is not derived from the mother but is produced within the body of the foetus itself only after the introduction of the male sperm. An unfertilized ovum can never develop blood since the female egg does not by itself contain the elements essential for the production of this blood. It is only after the male sperm has entered the ovum that blood, and hence, life, can develop. As a very simple illustration of this, think of the egg of a hen. An unfertilized egg is just an ovum on a much larger scale than the human ovum. You may incubate this unfertilized hens egg but it will never develop. It will decay and become rotten, but no chick will result. Let that egg be fertilized by the introduction of the male sperm and incubation will bring to light the presence of LIFE IN THAT EGG.

After a few hours it visibly develops. In a little while red streaks occur in the egg denoting the presence of Blood. This can never occur and does never occur until THE MALE SPERM HAS BEEN UNITED WITH THE FEMALE OVUM.

The male element has added life to the egg. Life is in the blood according to scripture, for Moses says:
“For the life of the flesh is in the blood.” (Leviticus 17:11). “For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for the life thereof.” (See also Leviticus 17:14)

Since there is no life in the egg until the male sperm unites with it, and the life is in the blood, it follows that the male sperm is the source of the blood, the seed of life.


For this very reason, it is unnecessary that a single drop of blood be given to the developing embryo in the womb of the mother. Such is the case according to science. The mother provides the unborn, developing infant with the nutritive elements for the building of that little body in the secret of her body, but all the blood which forms in that little body is formed in the embryo itself and only as a result of the contribution of the male parent. From the time of conception to the time of birth of the infant not ONE SINGLE DROP OF BLOOD ever passes from mother to child.

The placenta, that mass of temporary tissue known better as “afterbirth,” forming the union between mother and child is so constructed that although all the soluble nutritive elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts, minerals and even antibodies pass freely from mother to child The waste products of the child’s metabolism are passed back to the mother’s circulation, no actual interchange of a single drop of blood ever occurs normally. All the blood which is in that child is produced within the child itself as a result of the introduction of the male sperm. The mother contributes no blood at all.


Now for the sake of some skeptics who may doubt these statements let me quote from a few reliable authorities. In Howell’s Textbook of Physiology, Second Edition, pages 885 and 886, I read:

“For the purpose of understanding its general functions it is sufficient to recall that the placenta consists essentially of vascular chorionic papillae from the foetus (the unborn child) bathed in the large blood spaces of the decidual membrane of the mother. The fetal and maternal blood DO NOT COME INTO ACTUAL CONTACT. THEY ARE SEPARATED FROM EACH OTHER by the walls of the fetal blood vessels and the epithelial layers of the chorionic villae.”

Or let me quote from Williams’ Practice of Obstetrics, Third Edition, page 133. Here I quote:

“The fetal blood in the vessels of the chorionic villae AT NO TIME GAINS ACCESS TO THE MATERNAL BLOOD in the intervillous space, BEING SEPARATED FROM ONE ANOTHER by the double layer of chorionic epithelium.”
And from page 136 of the same recognized textbook I quote:

“Normally there is no communication between the fetal blood and the maternal blood.”

Now for the benefit of those of you who may be nurses, let me quote from a textbook which is familiar to you. Quoting from “Nurse’s Handbook of Obstetrics” by Louise Zabriskie, R.N., Fifth Edition, page 75:

“When the circulation of the blood begins in the embryo, it remains separate and distinct from that of the mother. All food and waste material which are interchanged between the embryo and the mother must pass through the blood vessel walls from one circulation to the other.”

And from page 82 of the same book:

“The foetus receives its nourishment and oxygen from the mothers blood into its own through the medium of the placenta. The fetal heart pumps blood through the arteries of the umbilical cord into the placental vessels, which, looping in and out of the uterine tissue and lying in close contact with the uterine vessels, permit a diffusion, through their walls, of waste products from child to mother and of nourishment and oxygen from mother to child. As has been said, this interchange is effected by the process of osmosis, and there is no direct mingling of the two blood currents. In other words, no maternal blood actually flows to the foetus, nor is there any direct fetal blood flow to the mother.”


How wonderfully God prepared for the virgin birth of His Son. When He created woman He made her so that no blood would be able to pass from her to her offspring. That blood is the result of the male.
Since Adam was the federal head of the race, it is HIS BLOOD which transmits Adam’s Sin. In order to produce a sinless man and yet be the son of Adam, God must provide a way whereby that man would have a human body derived from Adam but have not a drop of Adam’s sinful blood. Right here is the scientific biological reason for the sinlessness of the Man Christ Jesus.

Some have tried to answer the question, “How could He be sinless and yet born of a woman?” by making Mary the “Immaculate Virgin.” That, however, does not answer the question of how JESUS was sinless since it is through the male that the bloodline runs.

Not only is this a scientific fact, but it is plainly taught in Scripture that Jesus partook of human flesh without Adam’s blood. In Hebrews 2:14 we read: “Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood. He also himself likewise took part of the same… ”

You will notice that the children, that is the human children, are said to be partakers of FLESH and BLOOD, and then speaking of Jesus it says that He “himself likewise took part of the same.” The Word “took part” as applying to Christ is an entirely different word then “partakers” as applied to the children.

In the margin of my Bible, I read the word translated “took part” implies “taking part in something outside one’s self.” The Greek word for partakers is “KOYNONEHO” and means “to share fully,” so that all of Adam’s children share fully in Adam’s flesh and blood.

When we read that Jesus “took part of the same” the word is “METECHO” which means to take “part” but not all. The Children take both flesh and blood of Adam but Christ took only part, that is the flesh part, while the blood was the result of supernatural conception.

Jesus was a perfect human being after the flesh. He was of the seed of David according to the flesh, but blood is that part of a man which is the divine addition.

In the creation of man, Adam’s body was made from the dust of the earth, but God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Since life is in the blood, this act resulted in the formation of blood in Adam’s body, but the first Adam’s blood was corrupted and sin transmitted through it to all mankind.

In the last Adam and the second man, new and divine and sinless blood was produced in a body that was the seed of Adam and by this resulted in the production of:


Conception by the Holy Ghost then was the only way the Virgin Birth could be accomplished. Mary contributed the body of Jesus and He became the “seed of David according to the flesh.” The Holy Spirit contributed the Blood of Jesus. It was sinless blood. It was Divine blood. It is Precious Blood for there has never been any other like it.
It is innocent blood:

“I have betrayed the innocent blood” Judas confessed in Matthew 27:4. Our Lord was innocent. He became like unto us in all things — SIN only excepted.

Like unto us with ONE EXCEPTION and that exception was that instead of a human father He was conceived by a DIVINE FATHER. As a result biologically, He had DIVINE BLOOD, SINLESS BLOOD. Because this blood is sinless.


Sin made human blood corruptible. Soon after death, decay sets in, and it begins in the blood.

That is why embalmers place the embalming fluid in the blood. David said that Jesus’ body would “see no corruption.”

Though He was dead three days and three nights, His body did not corrupt. Because He was sinless they could not put Him to death but instead He “laid down His life voluntarily, that He might take it up again.”

He arose by His own power because death had no claim in HIM except the claim of others’ sin, which is why he had to die on the cross. The Bible clearly states:

“God commends his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more than being JUSTIFIED BY HIS BLOOD, we shall be saved from wrath through him.” (Romans 5: 8, 9) The above article entitled “The Virgin Birth” by Martin R. DeHaan, M.D. is taken from his book “The Chemistry of the Blood.”


Christianity is not a religion. It is a promise. A promise will be fulfilled in the fullness of time.

We all need to examine these things for ourselves. God, in his graciousness, has given us the tremendous power of free will. Each of us can choose to come, or not to come to God on HIS terms.


If you want to read more about all you ever wanted to know about blood:

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My Dad was a believer and follower of Jesus, and he lived his life accordingly. As children, my brother and I were blessed to have Godly parents. My parents were quiet and clean living, and they provided well for my brother and I during our growing up years. However, ‘religion’ or my parent’s beliefs were never discussed in our home. Those beliefs were lived out in their lives.

In later years, I turned my back on God, Religion and Church. However, when I was 25 I came to personally know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, for which I am and will be eternally thankful.

Thank you Mom & Dad for all that you gave me and for loving me despite all of the things I did to hurt or offend both you and the Lord you served during my selfish and self-seeking years.

My testimony of finding Jesus is here: Val’s Testimony