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Complete Teaching Series by David Pawson on the topic: Charismatics and Evangelicals

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Charismatics and Evangelicals by David Pawson

This topic is both timely and timeless.

Having been an Evangelical since giving my life to the Lord in 1976, I have been blessed.

However, I find myself longing for the joy and power that comes from being filled with Holy Spirit. And so, I am seeking to learn and understand more about this often controversial topic.

I know that I was sealed with the Holy Spirit upon my conversion and confession of Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. But I also know that to date, I have primarily been walking with and trying to serve Jesus in my own strength.

It is my continued prayer and petition to the Lord to teach me, lead me and guide me through this often controversial, yet always powerful topic.

I appreciate the teachings of David Pawson, as I do the teachings of many of the Lord’s other gifted teachers, preachers, pastors and servants. And there are many!

However, it is the authority of scripture that is my final authority.

Keeping that in mind, I still appreciate those who both point to and help unpack their understanding of God’s word. This, in turn, sends me back to to back to the Bible, my final authority.

For that I am truly thankful!

(Posted Feb. 11, 2023) Follow up will be posted in the Lord’s perfect time!)