Cowboy Dressage, The Palomino


An absolutely stunning performance by Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Galahad’s Golden Warrior. Golden Warrior is a beautiful Saddlebred stallion. Original music “The Palomino” by M. A. Kennedy.



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Eitan Beth-Halachmy and his wife Debbie own and operate Wolf Creek Ranch in the beautiful Sierra Foothills in Grass Valley, CA. USA.

Eitan was honored by being asked to bring his “Cowboy Dressage” to the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany by opening the closing ceremony and again in 2010 in Lexington, KY as highlight performances during the opening ceremonies.

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“Lightness” represents the highest achievement between horse and rider. There are no short cuts on the road to its success. It is a pure partnership built on trust and reward. Lightness is accomplished when full use of the riders correct aids have maintained the horse in balance, cadence and carriage. When a horse is taught to “balance himself” and not rely on the riders hands to hold him in frame, lightness occurs. Debbie Beth-Halachmy