Ezekiel is one of of the most difficult books in the Old Testament to read or understand.

It full of strange symbolism, it is repetitive and it is often-times a tedious or confusing read.

However, when the symbolism is explained it really helps bring to life this awesome Old Testament prophetic book.

In the New Testament, the counter-part of the book of Ezekiel is the letter of Revelation to the Seven Churches.

Revelation is also full of symbolism and difficult to understand, and more-so, with our modern day mind set. (And lack of understanding of the Nation Israel both in Biblical and present day times.)

Yet each of these books are there for a purpose. That purpose is to inform and bless us as we come to understand the mysterious ways in which the God of the Bible moves, both in history and in human hearts.

I share these talks on the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, by David Pawson, in hope that they will help you, as they have helped me, to understand better the message and significance of this amazing prophet. I pray that you, too, will be blessed!

When you begin to understand Ezekiel, you will better understand Revelation. These are often considered the two most difficult books in the Bible.








I appreciate David Pawon’s clear and systematic presentation of the symbolisms contained in this book, and moreso because it helps me to better understand the letter of Revelation.

Here is a link to David Pawson’s talks on Revelation:

David Pawson; Studies in Revelation