Feel Good Friday


A friend and I recently had lunch at the Steinbach Fly In Golf Course restaurant in Steinbach Manitoba. When we were ready to leave, the key refused to turn in the ignition. The steering wheel was locked. We took turns trying to unlock it. It wouldn’t budge. The key still stubbornly refused to turn in the ignition, no matter what we did to the steering wheel.

Being the philosophical sort, I said to Corrine: “Well, things always happen for a reason, even if at the time we don’t know what that reason is. But I’m sure we will soon find out”

We did.

In a matter of seconds!

While we sat there trying to decide what to do, I noticed a man walking by in front of the row of cars parked in front of us. I quickly jumped out, as he was walking quite fast, and called his name. He stopped immediately and I asked him if he could help get the steering wheel dislodged. So he did.

I knew his name because each week he does ‘Feel Good Fridays’ for local businesses, which is sponsored by the Steinbach Auto Dealers.

Here’s a Link to Val and Corrine’s Feel Good Friday encounter with Corny Rempel. Corny made it seem so simple—just turn the key in the ignition and the steering wheel would unlock. The problem was, the key would not turn in the ignition for me, no matter what I tried. However, it decided to behave itself with Corny at the wheel. I think it might have been in cahoots with him!


Here’s a link to one of Corny Rempel’s fantastic Elvis impersonations:

What fun!

Thank you, Corny and thanks to your amazing photographer and the, as well!

And thanks also to the wonderful Steinbach Fly In Golf Course Restaurant!

Just wanted to share this fun experience we had on a lovely Prairie morning in Steinbach Manitoba, in August, 2022!

And no, this video was not scripted, although it almost looks as if it was. It was was impromptu, unexpected and lots of fun!

Feel Good Fridays are a wonderful event each week throughout the summer in Steinbach!

Feel Good Fridays, Steinbach Manitoba