These talks by DAVID PAWSON are detailed and long. But well worth taking the time to watch and listen to.

I have posted them here as primarily a handy reference tool for when I want to study this amazing last book of the Bible. It is a difficult book to study, and by having these teaching videos in once place, I use these links for quick references for my personal study convenience.

If you are also interested in learning more about this book, then may the Lord bless you as you both watch and listen. As always, David Pawson admonishes us to pray, read the scriptures for ourselves, and to not just take his word on any topic or sermon he teaches or preaches.

While this book is full of imagery and symbolism, and not an easy book to understand, I so appreciated David Pawson’s knowledge, clarity and kindness as he unravels this amazing, yet essential book.

I have posted another message on Revelation by Stuart McKnight here:


These talks are also excellent expositions of the Book of Revelation. The talks are short and easy to understand. These talks were the first I ever heard on Revelation and I was so pleased to have discovered them!

My sincere thanks and appreciation to both of the above authors!