Most of these pictures were taken shortly after we retired in Steinbach in the summer of 2017.

Steinbach is a lovely city in the Province of Manitoba. It is about 60 km South East of Winnipeg.

The pictures are posted on which is now called ‘Square.’ Please note that you may get a site not secure message. The site is secure in that I have not yet published it, which means that the site can only be accessed by those whom I give the link. I will add some more pictures soon to complete the site.

Steinbach Pix

My husband’s hand made vintage boats and airplanes are posted here: (Lots of pictures. May be slow to load!)

Stick and Tissue Vintage Planes and Radio Controlled Boats

Most of the photos were taken by Val in the summer of 2017. (The ones of the Mennonite Heritage Museum were taken by Bridgit Werner, and used by permission from her ‘Art Tower’ free image downloads on

Steinbach is a friendly and rapidly growing city. It is a lovely place to live in Manitoba. (The city is about 60 km from Winnipeg.)

People are friendly, the city is clean and there is a wonderful community spirit here.

Thanks for taking time to view the pictures and links that I have posted in this message!