I am going through a somewhat stressful time of life right now. I am very tired and feeling a bit hopeless and helpless at times, primarily due to physical, mental and spiritual burnout. I have posted this series of 3 practical and informative videos that have helped me understand and effectively deal with that stress. I do not know the name of the speaker, but the videos were posted on Youtube by Grand Valley Alliance Church in Brandon Manitoba.

I am sharing the following messages for all who are ‘weary and heavy laden’. These will help anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by certain pressures in their lives.

They are not ‘religious’ or preachy; rather they offer practical advice for believers and non believers alike. Believers will especially appreciate the references to passages in the New Testament. Non believers (and also believers) will undoubtedly understand the practical and relevant information given in introductory examples presented at the beginning of each message.

Kudo’s to the author and giver of these lively, interesting and practical talks!

These brief messages are not just applicable to the stresses created by Co-Vid. Each of us will experience times of stress many times in our life when we feel overwhelmed, powerless, helpless and frustrated.

These talks are practical. They will help anyone dealing with any stress. Stress that feels as if it is about to overtake them! The talks were give by a Pastor of Grand Valley Church in Brandon Manitoba.

Grand Valley Church, Brandon, Manitoba

The following links are to three talks aimed at helping us navigate through any and all of our stressful times in life. The information in these talks is practical, informative and helpful for any one who is facing major stress or stressors in their life.

(23.41 minutes.)

(26.33 minutes.)

(31.03 minutes.)

Thanks to the author for posting these messages online. I have been so helped and blessed by the practical information included in these talks. May you be blessed as well!