The Camel And The Eye Of The Needle



I was blessed by the message of the Pastor at the Penticton Alliance Church, British Columbia, Canada, on Sunday April 3, 2022. I hope you will be, as well!

NOTE: To fast forward to the start of the message I am referring to, if you don’t have time to participate in the whole worship service, use your mouse to click and drag the red slider at the bottom of the video to the 26.20 minute mark where the Pastor and his Wife are being introduced.


The context of the Camel Parable is that a rich young man approached Jesus and asked what it took to have eternal life (Matthew 19:16).

Jesus delineated several of the Ten Commandments and the man answered that he had kept them from the time he was a boy (verses 17 – 20).

The Lord then told him if he wanted to be perfect to sell all he owned, give the proceeds to the poor, and follow him! After hearing these words, the rich man went away sad. The Bible then gives us the “camel” quote in question.

The pastor’s exposition of Jesus’ parable about the camel and the eye of a needle was presented with both clarity and relevance.