Why I Write


Every person has a story to tell. I am no exception.

The problem is, often times I am more interested in telling my own story than listening to the story that someone else wants to tell me.

Writing allows me to tell my story so that I can listen to yours.

Writing is also a lot more fun than exercising!

In case this is something you need to know, here are some of the reasons I write:

• I write to clarify my thoughts.

• I write to try to understand and come to terms with the questions that people in my life sometimes ask me; people who are dealing with similar issues to the ones that I am dealing with.

• I write because I like to write.

While I like to write, proof-reading is not one of my favorite sports.

My favorite sport is stealing Cheezies from my husband’s supposedly hidden stash in his workroom.

I can’t knit or sew and am the world’s worst cook. (Who is blessed to be married to the world’s best cook!) My once-loved outdoor sports are no longer possible, thanks to my bad knee that picks fights with me if I make it take me beyond the dumpster at the end of our short street. So I write. If nothing else, it keeps my knee happy and ‘the’ husband’s Cheezies safe.

However, if the truth be known, I write mainly because no one listens to me.

I can’t say that I blame them!

However, I need to listen to myself sometimes. Writing helps me do that.

When I see what I have written, I can evaluate the thoughts behind the words to see if they make sense, if they are true, or if they are merely wishful thinking or flights of fancy not grounded in anything other than my own not-so-humble opinions.

When I publish what I write, I expose my thoughts to you, hoping that you will confirm, challenge or correct me on the thoughts I am working through.

Do I expect you to read every word that I have written?

Of course I do, silly. Do you think I write for the good of my health?

Correct Answer: Yes!

Writing keeps my busy little fingers on the keyboard rather than in bags of Cheezies. Fingers grabbing things out of Cheezie bags is NOT conducive to good health!

So if something I write helps you consider a different perspective, sheds some light on a topic that concerns you or simply gives you a chuckle; that makes me happy.

If something I post on this site interests you, my hope and prayer is that the Lord will bless you and shed some insight onto the issues that are important to you in your life.

If I succeed, then both of us will be blessed!