Why I Write




Here are some reasons I write:

• I write to clarify my thoughts.

• I write to learn more about topics of interest.

• I write to share my thoughts and musings.

I find that when I share my thoughts (and when others share their thoughts with me) we both grow closer to each other and hopefully, to God.

I’m not a theologian, nor do I have any special qualifications to write about the things I do. What I do have is an inquiring mind. If you have a question, then I have a question. Because, like you, I too am looking for answers.

However, if the truth be known, I write mainly because no one ever listens to me.

I can’t say that I blame them. People’s eyes usually glaze over when I start to wax poetic. Writing allows me to express my thoughts without moving my lips. Hence, unsuspecting ears are spared from glowing bright red due to over-heating. Red ears and glazed-over eyeballs can be a bit disconcerting. Especially on the faces of friends! Or perhaps I should say ‘former friends?’

And sometimes when I listen to that still, small voice inside of me, writing helps me sort out the thoughts and feelings that dance about in my mind, heart, and soul as I do exactly that.

When I see what I have written I can evaluate the thoughts behind the words to see if they make sense, if they are true, or if they are merely wishful thinking or flights of fancy not grounded in anything other than my own not-so-humble opinions.

When I publish what I write I expose my thoughts to you, hoping that you will confirm, challenge or correct me on the thoughts I am working through as I put them down on paper.

Do I expect you to read every word that I have written?

Of course I do, silly. Do you think I’m sitting here tippy-tapping away for the good of my health?

In a way, I am. Because writing helps me think, and typing keeps my grubby little fingers out of the ‘Cheesies’ bowl. Fingers not grabbing things out of Cheesies bowls is definitely conducive to good health!

However, as I mentioned on the Welcome page of this site, if something I write helps you consider a different perspective, shed some light on a topic that concerns you, or simply gives you a chuckle, then that makes me happy.

And of course, I don’t expect you to read everything I write. I don’t read everything you write—just the stuff that interests me.

So if something I post on this site interests you, my hope and prayer is that the Lord will use what I have written to bless you!

Failing that, at least I can hope that I have challenged you, amused you or shed some insight into the issues that are important to you in your life. If I succeed, then the Lord will bless both of us!