In the spring of 2017, we left our cozy cottage home overlooking Wilber Lake in the Township of North Algona Wilberforce, Ontario.

We moved to the small prairie city of Steinbach Manitoba. Steinbach is a lovely and growing city just 58 km south of Winnipeg! Manitoba is an amazing province—one of Canada’s best kept secrets!

The people who bought ‘Wilberview’ loved it as much as we did. All of us were very thankful for how everything transpired in this life-changing move for all concerned!


Our ‘Former’ Little House By The Side Of The Road

Val’s Little Home Office
Once so Avante Garde. Now so Obsolete!

Come and Sit A Spell!

Dum Dee Dum Dum…

Brat Cat

He knows he’s not supposed to
be on the back of that chair. Its a good thing
that I don’t see him up there!

Husband’s Hideaway

To see what he did in his workshop, take a peek:
Vintage Airplanes & Boats

You may get a site not secure notice. It is secure.
I am still working on it. Once it is published that notice will disappear..

View From Lower Deck


Can You Find the Church Steeples?

Wilber Lake and the 2 Lutheran Church Steeples
Augsburg, Ontario

Same picture, different season.

Note the trespasser, left side near the birch trees.
Mr. Wolf was enjoying his morning walk!

Wolf in field, Augsburg Church Steeples.

Val’s Rock Garden


Winter Wonderland

TURNING POINT November 2016

ENDING—MAY 16, 2017




Our unit is the last unit on the left
where the truck is parked.

We did not have a place in mind when we came here.

Yet our house was sold and we had to move.

I came out one month before David to find
a new place to call home.

We were, and still are, truly thankful for this lovely place!

We love it here as much as we loved it ‘there!

More Wilberview Pictures and Short Video Clips

Wilberview Summer

Wilberview Winter

Never Do This!!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our memories!