Worship of our Lord and God is both a privilege and a practice. (And so much more!)

In the the 2000+ years since the church’s beginning, worship practices have taken various forms, yet believers continue to worship God in Spirit and in Truth to this day.

I find it interesting to learn about how public worship has changed from the earliest days of the church to our present age.

The author’s extensive coverage of these changes are interesting, challenging and enlightening.

I can only speak for myself as to how much I have been blessed by listening to all of them. I especially appreciate the changes both discussed and practiced in the third talk.

The talks were taken from one of David Pawson’s official websites at:

Worship Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow







This is the talk that intrigues me. That is because I would be delighted to see some of these changes made to what has now become the standard worship service pattern in many churches today.



Thank you David Pawson for the amazing teachings and legacy you gave those of us who are still waiting to fellowship with you and your Lord God in eternity!

NOTE: I am aware that David Pawson’s teachings are discredited by many people. It is up to each of us to study, learn and discern for ourselves the value and accuracy of his teachings.

David reminds his readers or listeners to ALWAYS check for themselves every topic he writes about or sermons that he preaches, or teachings that he gives, with what is written in your own Bible, and to not take his word for what he teaches without prayerfully checking for yourself what is written therein.