Worship of our Lord and God is both a privilege and a practice. (And so much more!)

In the the 2000+ years since the church’s beginning, worship services have taken various forms.

The following links are points of view that detail changes in worship from the practices of the early church to the practices of our some contemporary churches today.

Let us examine these things and prayerful seek the Lord’s guidance as we do so.

I find it interesting to learn about how public worship has changed from the earliest days of the church to our present age.

David Pawson’s extensive coverage of these changes are interesting, challenging and enlightening.

It is good to periodically examine the validity of both our beliefs and our practices. We all have our preferences. Let us seek to the Lord in prayer to determine His!







This talk intrigues me. I would be delighted to see some of these changes made to what has now become the standard worship service pattern in many evangelical churches today.


The talks were taken from one of David Pawson’s official websites at:


Thank you David Pawson for the amazing teachings and legacy you gave those of us who are still waiting to fellowship with you and our Lord God in eternity!

David reminds his readers or listeners to ALWAYS check for themselves every topic he writes about or sermons he preaches with what is written in your own Bible, and to not take his word for what he teaches without prayerfully checking for yourself what is written therein.

It is up to each of us to pray, study and learn so that we are able to discern for ourselves the value and accuracy of David Pawson’s (or any one else’s teachings) and to seek God’s guidance as we do so.

To consider:

Here is a link is to a somewhat controversial point of view regarding some of our current worship practices, keeping in mind that this is one person’s point of view.

A Worship Format Is Destroying the Evangelical Church

We need to consistently seek the Lord’s will as to praise that is acceptable to Him and that is edifying to His body of believers!

Prayer: Father, be our guide. We need your wisdom, your strength, your guidance. Thank You, Lord, that You love us and long for us to come to You for help. May we ALL come to you, Lord, and ask what is pleasing and acceptable to you. AMEN