Most people enjoy music. And almost every person has a preference for the type of music they enjoy. I am no exception!

The type of music that I enjoy is music that is melodious and harmonious. That type of beautiful music awakens something deep inside my heart and soul that feeds my spirit with both pleasure and peace. It is music than encourages and enables me to draw closer to the Lord in worship and praise.

The type of music I do not enjoy is loud, electronic music.

Electronically amplified music sounds to me like barbed wire being pulled through holes in a metal garbage can. And it causes me pain! Ever since I was a very young child, loud or electronic music profoundly agitated me and almost made me physically ill. It still does! (Note: The operative word here is “loud!”)

My favourite type of music is A Cappella or singing in harmony. The power and effect of the human voice is amazing. And so is instrumental accompaniment. As Long as it doesn’t damage my eardrums! 🙂

I find the following videos interesting and pleasant to listen to. The first is a song performed by the Canadian band, Walk Off the Earth. The purity of the singer’s voices; the simplicity of the rhythm and the instrumental accompaniment is something I truly enjoy. Not to mention the amazing amount of creativity in making the set for this recording! The second is by Malvina Reynolds, the original artist of the song, ‘Little Boxes.’




Perhaps we are commanded in Hebrews 13:15 to praise the Lord with our lips because the sounds our lips make are sounds that differ significantly from the sounds made by mechanical devices, and therefore, because the sounds are not made by hands (that create and play these devices) they are most pleasing to the Lord?

If that were the case, think of how much conflict could be avoided in churches over the style or volume of the music selections!

I also wonder if we are commanded to praise God with our lips because there are only so many sounds our lips can make.

Unless you are like this guy…

WOW! What talent!

Congregational praise is a commanded duty that can be audibly discerned; we should hear congregational praise when it is sung, and nothing else (choir, organ, marching band, bagpipes, etc.,) should be permitted to obscure what is commanded. The word ‘obscure’ is what I am dealing with with when I express my dislike of loud instrumental music. (And please note that I did not feel that way when I was younger. Sigh!)

If I am attending a church that uses musical instruments I enjoy the music.

If I am attending a church that sings, but does not use musical instruments, I enjoy the music.

If I am attending a church that uses loud, overly-amplified music, I do not enjoy the music.

Having said that, I am ever mindful that it is both a command and a privilege to sing praises to the Lord with our hearts and voices in fellowship with other believers.

It also matters that the Lord gave us musical instruments. I’m sure He intended us to use them!

What matters most is that the offering of musical worship is acceptable to the Lord!

Who could not agree that scripturally-ordained, heart-felt praise to our holy and praise-worthy God would not be pleasing to Him?

The enjoyment of so doing is simply a by-product of worshipping the Lord in song!


I sure took the long way around town to say that I like singing and acoustic instrumental music, and that electronic buzzing noises masquerading as music drives me bonkers.

I am also ever mindful Jesus told us to worship him in spirit and in truth.

May all worship music help us do exactly that!

Here is a link to a new Youtube Channel that I recently discovered. Cordillera Songbirds Official

Each video contains several songs and may play for up to two hours, or longer. (Each individual song is about 4-6 minutes long.)

Much of the music fits into the ‘country’ genre. What a refreshing take these young believers present in their original songs of worship and thanksgiving!

What a delightful find!