TON: A ton is a weight. Not a measurement.
I had a ton of fun yesterday.
I’d rather have had a lot of fun yesterday.
A lot is easier to manage that a ton!
Unless you own a crane.

NESTLED: Things that buildings and houses do.
Sometimes even towns or cities do it, too!
According to zillions of real-estate listings, that is!

STUNNING: To daze or render senseless, as by a blow or loud noise.
To stupefy, as with the emotional impact of an experience; astound.
Real Estate Agents are dangerous.
Or at least some of their properties are.
It’s good to be forewarned when you see the word ‘Stunning’ in their listings!

DIVE IN: Pastors do a lot of ‘Diving In.’ Or ‘Digging In.’
Perhaps church meetings should be held in swimming pools
or sand boxes?
The kids would love it.
I would too!
Don’t tell anyone I said that!

Some Pastors prefer to ‘Lean In’.
They invite their congregations to join them.
We do so quite happily!
And give thanks that our churches are built on a solid rock!

UNPACK: Pastors also do a lot of ‘Unpacking.’
“We’re going to unpack this scripture morning.”
I am thankful that they do exactly that!

I’M LIKE: Way too many definitions to list.
Choose your preferred definition here: LIKE
Used as ‘kewl’ teen talk for “I AM”.
As in: I’m like, impressed with all these definitions.

I’m like, not liking the phrase ‘I’m Like.’
But I like the person doing the liking. Usually, that is!

GONNA: I’m gonna go to church on Sunday.
But only if I wanna.
Weather permitting, of course!

‘Gotta Have-It’
Because when you ask in Jesus name, you will receive.
In God’s perfect time and will.

Backatcha Soon!